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Hypersonic Dreams - Fire and Noise (X-60A)


X-60A hypersonic research rocket completes critical design review

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The Hadley liquid rocket engine was developed by Ursa Major and will be used on the X-60A. The X-60A will provide flight research allowing affordable, routine and flexible access to hypersonic flight conditions.

Hypersonics is the next great frontier of atmospheric flight, and Generation Orbit’s experienced team of engineers and developers is helping the U.S. close the technology gap in this critical flight regime.

The X-60A’s propulsion system is a Hadley liquid rocket engine, made by Ursa Major Technologies, which uses liquid oxygen and kerosene propellants.

The X-60A is an air-dropped liquid rocket specifically designed for hypersonic flight research. It is the first Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to receive an experimental "X" designation.

SpaceX’s Raptor isn’t the only new propulsion system out there…


Ursa Major Technologies is making the stars more accessible.

California has Silicon Valley. Could Colorado become home to “Aerospace Alley?”


Laurienti’s story about his company, Lafayette-based Ursa Major Technologies, might one day be part of industry lore if Colorado becomes known as “Aerospace Alley.”

Generation Orbit’s GOLauncher1 is officially the Air Force’s X-60A hypersonic flight research vehicle


The vehicle propulsion system is the 5,000 pound-force (lbf) sea level thrust Hadley liquid rocket engine, produced by Colorado-based Ursa Major Technologies.

Ursa Major Technologies wants outsourcing engines to be the norm


Some $8 million later, investors are taking Joe Laurienti and his rocket engine startup, Ursa Major Technologies, a little more seriously.

Ursa Major aims to disrupt launcher vertical integration trend

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Colorado startup Ursa Major Technologies is building a line of rocket engines that it hopes smallsat launch companies will choose over building their own engines in-house.