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America's first Oxidizer Rich Staged Combustion engine, the Ursa Major Hadley is a 5,000 lbf thrust, liquid oxygen and kerosene engine.  

Designed for full-envelope service and simple integration, the Hadley is a reliable engine solution for a wide range of vehicles in the orbital and suborbital launch regimes. Integrated fluid controls and electronic subsystems accompany this turnkey propulsion package for rapid customer utilization.

An evolution of the Hadley architecture, the Ursa Major Ripley engine is a 35,000 lbf class, liquid oxygen and kerosene engine. 

Leveraging the manufacturing and design methodologies of the Hadley, Ripley provides a boost propulsion solution for an equally diverse set of vehicles. Ripley delivers industry-leading performance and power at a price point set to change the space launch industry.

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High-energy propulsion for the 21st Century, the Ursa Major Samus engine is a 50,000 lbf liquid hydrogen engine.

Evolving the manufacturing and architectural features of Ripley and Hadley, Samus is a fuel-rich staged combustion upper-stage propulsion solution. World-class performance packaged as a complete integrated system makes Samus ideal for medium and heavy class space-launch applications.